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Holiday planning, or thinking of things to do on a day out. This all can be hard when you're looking for that perfect spot on a beach or by the seaside. At the UK Beach Guide we are more than just a good beach guide but our easy to use apps help you search and identify seaside towns, accommodation, restaurants, cafes, coastal walks, beaches, nearby activities and places to visit.

With miles of UK coastline to choose from, where is it best to go? We have done the hard work along with our community, here you'll find photos, interactive maps and search tools helping to provide you answers or just some helpful ideas.

No more opening multiple websites and switching between tabs, we bring it all together. Finding the right spot on the UK coast couldn’t be easier!

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When you hit our lowest level listings we will also present an interactive map showing photos of the area, nearby beaches, things to do, places to visit, places to stay and you can even book a table at a restaurant.

However you choose to search on our site we will bring the whole area to life. There are so many beach websites that present the same basic information but here we bring the whole coast to your screen.

Why not start by exploring great United Kingdom beach and coastal spots on our Interactive UK Coast Map or just start typing into our search box



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